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The Case of The Condemned Cat   How the gospel moves in a hostile religious community    (2010-11-12)
{img2} Background Gerazistan has 26 million people, and is divided into four ethnic/political groups: Nawese, Tribals, Channai and Gerazis. The 10% Christians are primarily a

Diverse Voices: Hearing Scripture Speak In A Multicultural Movement       (2010-11-12)
{img2} This paper will explore the unique potential of \"relevance theory\" in illuminating some of the hermeneutical dynamics encountered as a multi-lingual community of Muslim followers of Isa wrestle with

Editorial Comment…   What kind of initiatives do Asians need to take for the remaining task?    (2010-07-17)
Asian mission leaders will gather together in an Asian country on October 27-30 this year, to continue the discussion on Asian initiatives for frontier mission. In this year, there are a number of world mission conferences to commemorate the Edinburgh 1910. As long as you are the members of His Bo ...

Facilitating Insider Movements Challenges facing the Outsider   Phil Emmaus    (2010-07-17)
Introduction Each one of us is an insider of our own culture and worldview. Our identity and our values are bound up within them. Culture and worldview also affect the way in which we view our faith. If we are raised in the church, we can simply accept everything unconsciously, without thinking abo ...

Catalyzing “Insider Movements” Among the Unreached   David S. Lim    (2010-07-17)
In spite the Church Growth phenomena (esp. the mega-church kind) and talks about Church Multiplication and Church Planting Movements (CPM), there seems to have been no significant impact on the major religious affinity blocks, especially the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Communist and Orality worlds,1 pe ...

BIBLICAL MINISTRY OR MY MINISTRY?   An advice to the trainees from an alumnus of the first batch of AFMI Training Institute    (2010-07-17)
An advice to the trainees from an alumnus of the first batch of AFMI Training Institute Kangjin Ha+ The AFMI training that I joined in the later part of 2008 was so precious opportunity to ...

INTRODUCTION Our commitment to lifelong learning assumes commitment to asking questions and discovering answers that we sometimes don’t expect. This commitment is the most useful thing because the world we live in is in constant change, requiring us to continually learn and unlearn. Creativi ...

Feedback from an alumnus of AFMI 100 Training   By Arman from Philippines (1st batch, a pastor)    (2010-07-17)
When I joined AFMI 100, I seemed to be focused on myself. But it is not enough preparation. I now think of my church and family. Readiness to cope with field situation is important… This seems to be met partly. It was helpful to widen the horizon in understanding what I should do for mobilization. ...

에딘버러 2010 대회를 참석하고       (2010-06-10)
1910 년 6월 14-23일에 에딘버러 선교 대회가 개최된 곳은 스코틀랜드 연합자유교회(United Free Church of Scotland)의 대회장(Assembly Hall) 이다. 1910년 에딘버러 World Missionary Conference 가 열렸던 동일한 장소에서 2010년 에딘버러 백주년 폐회식이 거행되었다. 1910년 대회는 전체 대회가 이 장소에서 열린 ...

미얀마, 그레이스 고아원 소식   하루에 밥을 한 끼만 먹고 산다고 합니다.    (2010-05-05)
주님이 허락하신 이곳에... 1. 건기, 최근의상황 참 덥습니다. 아직도 적응이 덜 되었는지..? 그래서 미얀마 사람들에게 물어보면 역시나 엄청 덥답니다. 온도계는 43도를 가리키지만 체감온도는 50도 이상입니다. 올해는 가뭄이 길어서 물도 부족하고 농사도 걱정입니다. 하천과 강들이 바닥을 드러내고 거북이 등껍질 ...

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