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  성경주석 : 9건

 창세기 1장 24절 (창 1:24-31) - 여섯째날-동물과 사람
Verse 24. Let the earth bring forth . He descends to the sixth day, on which the animals were created, and then man. 'Let the earth,' he says, 'bring forth living creatures.' But whence has a dead element life? Therefore, there is in this respect a miracle as great as if God had begun to create out ...
 창세기 2장 1절 (창 2:1-7) - 일곱째날-안식
Genesis 2 Verse 1. Thus the heavens and the earth were finished . 1 Moses summarily repeats that in six days the fabric of the heaven and the earth was completed. The general division of the world is made into these two parts, as has been stated at the commencement of the first chapter. But he no ...
 창세기 2장 8절 (창 2:8-20) - 에덴동산의 창설
Verse 8. And the Lord God planted . 18 Moses now adds the condition and rule of living which were given to man. And, first, he narrates in what part of the world he was placed, and what a happy and pleasant habitation was allotted to him. Moses says, that God had planted accommodating himself, by a ...
 창세기 3장 1절 (창 3:1-7) - 사단의 유혹과 타락
Genesis 3 Verse 1. Now the serpent was more subtil . In this chapter, Moses explains, that man, after he had been deceived by Satan revolted from his Maker, became entirely changed and so degenerate, that the image of God, in which he had been formed, was obliterated. He then declares, that the w ...
 창세기 4장 1절 (창 4:1-7) - 가인과 아벨의 출생
Genesis 4 Verse 1. And Adam knew his wife Eve . Moses now begins to describe the propagation of mankind; in which history it is important to notice that this benediction of God, "Increase and multiply," was not abolished by sin; and not only so, but that the heart of Adam was divinely confirmed so ...
 창세기 6장 1절 (창 6:1-8) - 인류의 죄악
Genesis 6 Verse 1. And it came to pass , when men began to multiply . Moses, having enumerated in order, ten patriarchs, with whom the worship of God remained pure, now relates, that their families also were corrupted. But this narration must be traced to an earlier period than the five hundredth y ...
 창세기 8장 1절 (창 8:1-5) - 물을 감하신 하나님
Genesis 8 Verse 1. And God remembered Noah . Moses now descends more particularly to that other part of the subject, which shows, that Noah was not disappointed in his hope of the salvation divinely promised to him. The remembrance of which Moses speaks, ought to be referred not only to the externa ...
 창세기 9장 1절 (창 9:1-7) - 홍수 후의 축복
Genesis 9 Verse 1. And God blessed Noah . We hence infer with what great fear Noah had been dejected, because God, so often and at such length, proceeds to encourage him. For when Moses here says, that God blessed Noah and his sons, he does not simply mean that the favor of fruitfulness was restore ...
 사사기 10장 1절 (삿 10:1-2) - 사사 돌라의 행적
성경:사사기10:1-5           사사 돌라와 야일   사사시대는 약 200-300년간에 걸쳐 진행됩니다. 그 기간 동안 유명한 사사들도 있고 반면에 이름조차 기억하기 힘든 사사도 있습니다. 그 중 평범한 사사로 기억되어지는 두 사람이 본문에 기록되어 등장합니 ...


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